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I would like to stream a video on my website, such that all people visiting he site will start watching at the same position in the video (as though it's a live feed, although it will just be a static avi). Is it possible to do this? I've found stuff to stream a video normally but not sure how to ensure everyone will be watch the same position in the video at the same time.

Some extra detail: My rational for wanting to do this is to save bandwidth by streaming a single video to anyone watching, instead of each viewer starting a separate stream from the beginning. Does that make sense or is it not possible?

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You want IP multicast but its deploy it's problematic and the ISPs of your user must support it.

Realistically, you should use a CDN.

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Added some extra detail if it helps. Sorry it was unclear. – nickponline Aug 24 '12 at 22:39

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