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The GAE documentation for JPA 2.0 states that the target enhance_war for the ant file should be this:

  <target name="datanucleusenhance" depends="compile"
  description="Performs enhancement on compiled data classes.">
  <enhance_war war="war">
          <arg value="-enhancerVersion"/>
          <arg value="v2"/>

However, we can find this on ant-macros.xml:

<attribute name="api" description="persistence api, JDO or JPA" default="JDO"/>

Is that correct, i.e., we are not supposed to specify the JPA usage?

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Interesting, looking at DataNucleus documentation, in the Ant section, I read:

api Optional. Defines the API to be used when enhancing JDO, JPA

and JDO is the default, I would specify it as JPA when needed, even though it seems to work anyway.

Also it seems to me that the macro doesn't add a lot of value, so I've decided to integrate the enhance task directly in my configuration, so I can select only classes ending with Entity, instead of letting datanucleus check every class.

<target name="-datanucleusenhance" depends="compile"
        description="Performs enhancement on compiled data classes">
    <enhance failonerror="true" api="JPA">
        <arg value="-enhancerVersion"/>
        <arg value="v2"/>
            <pathelement path="${main.classes.dir}"/>
            <pathelement path="${sdk.dir}/lib/appengine-tools-api.jar"/>                
        <fileset dir="${war.dir}/WEB-INF/classes" includes="**/*Entity.class"/>

Let me know what you've discovered in the meantime!

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I didn't find out anything. Nobody in the Google Groups answered me and my feedback on the documentation wasn't responded. –  Roberto Sep 10 '12 at 22:18
In my tests, JPA works with api="JPA" and also with api="JDO", a more complex scenario might fail perhaps. I think Andy @DataNucleus knows what's going on, and if he has time, he could answer you or leave a comment. –  stivlo Sep 11 '12 at 0:30

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