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If I build a Phonegap Android app, how do I deploy it to an iPhone and Blackberry? Is it as simple as clicking a button or do I need the Phone and Blackberry SDKs and have to move the webview files manually?

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Oh ok, i misread it, i thought you mentioned you had an android app and how you would deploy it to the others.. sorry –  user710502 Aug 24 '12 at 23:28
no problem, i'm trying to figure out if its best to learn ios or android individually or use phonegap –  chris Aug 24 '12 at 23:31

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You don't need to rewrite the app another time, you just install the iOS SDK and create a new project then add the .jar files of Phonegap. Then you copy and paste your app files (the HTML, Javascript and CSS files to the new project which you built).

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oh okay. So you still need the SDKs of all of the other devices then. –  chris Aug 24 '12 at 23:41

It is simple indeed. But not as simple as that of clicking a button !

If you have developed it for android you will have an www directory which contains your index.html files with your js and images etc.

For android you would have used a js ( cordova.js / phonegap-android.js /similar ) through which you can access your android device specific things ( like buttons, camera, gps, etc ) .

If you are developing the same app for Blackberry , you need to replace the cordova.js with the same for blackberry ( which you can download from phonegap website )

And you need to setup a few things. It is pretty easy. See this link

And for iOs , you need a mac machine as only through Xcode you can develop.

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