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I have a page with a lot of images, each of them being wrapped with an onclick event. For example:

<a onclick=javascript:xxx(y,z)><img id="myclass" src="yyy"></a>

Following command returns all the images correctly:


This doesn't (returns null):


I assume, because these img tags were created dynamically, so are not directly in the source.

My idea was to add .click() at the end, but somehow it doesn't work.

So the question is:

How do I simulate clicking all images at once to trigger all associated javascript functions?

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Also FYI, I just updated your post which had indicated "onlick" instead of "onclick". –  Brett Zamir Mar 2 at 23:31
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You can't .click() on collection as it is just a container for some objects and it doesn't have any methods from objects inside. You need to iterate over each object and call .click() individually:

for (var idx = document.images.length - 1; idx >= 0; idx--){ document.images[idx].click() }

I've just ran it in console and opened your profile and ad on sidebar.

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Thanks, it worked:) –  kenorb Aug 24 '12 at 13:36
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