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I'm using dompdf for a project I'm building, and part of the project requires a report to be generated in a PDF format.

In the HTML version of the report, I have some of the details of the report displayed in an iFrame like this:

        <?php foreach ($jobsheets as $jobsheet) { ?>
            <iframe src="http://localhost/modal/customers/<?php echo $company['Company']['id']; ?>/jobs/<?php echo $jobsheet['Jobsheet']['id']; ?>/viewlite/" id="jbif<?php echo $jobsheet['Jobsheet']['id']; ?>" frameborder="0" width="975px" height="272px" scrolling="no" class="<?php echo $jobsheet['Jobsheet']['jobdate']; ?>"></iframe>
        <?php } ?>

However, the PDF that is being generated without rendering these iframes. Is there anything I can do to make the dompdf module render them, or will I have to physically include the data without the use of iframes?

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Dompdf doesn't support rendering iframes inside a document. You can submit an issue in the tracker. You'll need to use something else for now.

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Someone mentioned this on the IRC just a few moments ago. I've taken the content out of the iFrame for now. –  mickburkejnr Aug 25 '12 at 9:40

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