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Briefly, (as briefly as possible) here's my scenario:

I have just gotten a trial of RADPHP XE2 and created a simple interface for a single page iPad app. I have exported the PHP design through PhoneGap and moved the resulting Xcode files to one of my Mac Minis. I have PhoneGap and Cordova installed on my Mac. Two problems occur which leave me dead in the water:

1) When I copy the PhoneGap bin file to the terminal app and use .create, I do not get the results I expect. Instead, I get an error message showing me the usage for the cp command. (??)

2) If I try to open the project file exported from RADPHP, Xcode will not open, saying that it is an invalid project file.

I am currently running on the latest version of OSX Mountain Lion, Xcode 4.4.1, and iOS 5.1.

I would appreciate any advice or insight anyone can offer. TIA ! Cheerios, Brian

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Ensure you download the required version of Cordova to install it in your Mac OS X system. See this page of the RadPHP XE2 documentation, which includes a download link for Cordova 1.3.0.

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