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What is the easiest way (using a graphical tool or command line on Ubuntu Linux) to know if two binary files are the same or not (except for the time stamps)? I do not need to actually extract the difference. I just need to know whether they are the same or not.

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The standard unix diff will show if the files are the same or not:

[me@host ~]$ diff 1.bin 2.bin
Binary files 1.bin and 2.bin differ
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Use cmp command. This will either exit cleanly if they are binary equal, or it will print out where the first difference occurs and exit.

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For the use case the OP describes IMHO cmp is more efficient than diff. So I'd prefer this. –  halloleo Dec 18 '13 at 5:41

Use sha1 to generate checksum:

sha1 [FILENAME1]
sha1 [FILENAME2]
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I found Visual Binary Diff was what I was looking for (http://www.cjmweb.net/vbindiff/). It was available on Ubuntu too (apt-get install vbindiff)

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