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I am writing a web application that requires the following

Ability to post (content) to our (owned) group on Facebook.

I don't want a situation where users need to log in with their private account (which has permissions to post on the group) - I want a specific account that the website uses to post data (and users can utilize provided they have sufficient privileges on my website).

To the best of my knowledge, only user accounts can post to groups (application and page cannot). I thought that the best way to solve it is to create a new user account on Facebook and store it's username and password in config file - and use that to post. However, I somehow think this would go against terms and conditions: to my understanding the normal account is limited to personal use - although it's quite inexplicit in TAC (unless I missed something).

I want to avoid a situation where we create a page/application page as we already have all our customer base as part of the group. What's the best approach here?

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What's the best approach here?

The one you don’t want:

I don't want a situation where users need to log in with their private account (which has permissions to post on the group)

Facebook Groups are for discussions between people – so people should also post their stuff as people (= themselves), IMHO.

If you don’t want that, your only option is to have a dedicated user account for that – if you don’t want to violate FB’s policies by creating a “dummy” user, then maybe use your own account for that (has to be member of the group/permission to post there then, of course).

But all those posts will show up as having been made by that single user account then – so I’d ask myself, what’s the benefit in even having a group then …?

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+1 for the explanation - much appreciated :) Now it might end up with the situation that in face we do create a page but then the same problem - user account needed. The idea behind it is that not all users of the website necessarily have facebook accounts and even if they do, storing permissions both on our site and on facebook is going to be a pain. –  Bart Platak Aug 25 '12 at 17:28

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