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I'm pretty newbie in ruby and I'm not sure that the question be suitable, but this is my problem.

I have a function with unlimited string parameters. I want to know if all of them are in the http request. This is my code :

def http__params_exists *list
    list.each do |p|
        if params[:'#{p}'].nil?
            return false

Take an example : I have a query with the "lat" parameter. The condition that I want to be execute is if params[:lat].nil?

I tried some tricks, but all failed. Thanks.

ps :An other question about ruby. I don't know exactly the kind of objects that symbols like :method_not_allowed (for example) are. I know that we can call a function naming some parameters, but this object is already defined somewhere, as if it was a public variable of the controller, but it doesn't seems to be.

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You need to use " instead of ' so that the variable is interpreted. Example

a = 'string'

==> :"\#{a}"

==> :string

:"#{a}" == :string
==> true

So, your code shall be

if params[:"#{p}"].nil?
  return false

This is an interesting link to learn more about Ruby symbols.

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p.to_sym would be another option. – mu is too short Aug 25 '12 at 2:19

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