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I have this string being stored in a cookie

"d967fac49ef2466239168bbbde0a8d755a27ba81$[[\"__json_message\"\05425\054\"This is a message.\"]]"


"\"d967fac49ef2466239168bbbde0a8d755a27ba81$[[\\\"__json_message\\\"\\05425\\054\\\"This is a message.\\\"]]\""

(for pasting into a console)

but I can't parse it with JSON.parse. However, it works with eval (which is evil). The error is SyntaxError: Unexpected number.

Of note are the escaped commas. This was generated with the Django messaging API.

Does anyone know a good regex or other technique that can do this instead?

I first need to unescape the string, (because it's a proper javascript string) and then I need the array after the dollar ( s.substring(s.indexOf("$")+1) ).

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Erm... Dare I ask what you are expecting to get out of the above string? – Niet the Dark Absol Aug 25 '12 at 2:11
That string does not contain JSON data. – Lucas Green Aug 25 '12 at 2:12
See here: for the JSON syntax rules. – jfriend00 Aug 25 '12 at 2:23
What do you want to get? The array after the dollar? – João Silva Aug 25 '12 at 2:27
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Sorry for being unclear, I figured it out, thanks to jfriend00's link to Below is an equivalent string that does work, and what the proper output is supposed to be. It's an JSON array inside of an already encoded string that I needed to unescape easily.

var s = JSON.parse("\"d967fac49ef2466239168bbbde0a8d755a27ba81$[[\\\"__json_message\\\"\\u002C25\\u002C\\\"This is a message.\\\"]]\"")
// s = "d967fac49ef2466239168bbbde0a8d755a27ba81$[["__json_message",25,"This is a message."]]"
// and then I get what I actually want
var a = JSON.parse(s.substring(s.indexOf("$")+1))

The problem was that when the string was prepared for the cookie the commas were converted to a octal escape codes, which JSON doesn't allow. The error code should have been JSON forbids octal prefixes. Once that's taken care of, it'll be fine. So I'll just check for octal escape codes and replace them with hex escape codes.

TL;DR: "SyntaxError: Unexpected Number" means "SyntaxError: JSON forbids octal prefixes"

Here's the function I used

var s = "\"d967fac49ef2466239168bbbde0a8d755a27ba81$[[\\\"__json_message\\\"\\05425\\054\\\"This is a message.\\\"]]\""
var re = /\\0([0-7]{2})/g
JSON.parse(s.replace(re, function(m, n){return "\\x"+("0000"+parseInt(n,8).toString(16)).slice(-4)}))
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