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I'm trying to build an array of folders with the files contained in each. So if your directory structure is:

  |- FileA
  \- FileB
  \- FileC

And I'm given this array:

files = ["DirA/FileA", "DirA/FileB", "DirB/FileC"]

I'm trying to build a hash like this

{DirA => [FileA, FileB], DirB => [FileC]}

Right now I'm doing it in what I think is a fairly non-Rubyish way (assume String has a method defined which fetches the parent directory):

h = {}
files.each do |f|
    parent = f.getParentDir
    if not h[parent] then h[parent] = [] end
    h[parent].push f

Is there are more elegant way?

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You only care about files directly contained in directories, not nested files/directories? – nneonneo Aug 25 '12 at 3:18
I'm using a list of files provided to me, and I'm interested in referring to them by their parent directories so I can check they all exist. – Chris Adams Aug 25 '12 at 3:31
if not h[parent] then h[parent] = [] end can be replaced with h[parent] = [] unless h[parent] or the even rubier h[parent] ||= []. – Pete Schlette Aug 25 '12 at 3:31
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I would do

h = {}
files.each do |f|
    (h[f.getParentDir] ||= []) << f
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Nice. Lots more good answers but this was the shortest, and it uses the method I had defined on String. In my actual use case getParentPath is a method I define on NSURL but I was trying to simplify things for you guys. Cheers! – Chris Adams Aug 25 '12 at 3:55

I think you need this hash (with array)

{DirA => [FileA, FileB], DirB => [FileC]}

files.each_with_object({|h,k|h[k]=[]}) do |m,res|
  k,v = m.split('/')
  res[k] << v
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files = ["DirA/FileA", "DirA/FileB", "DirB/FileC"]

files.each_with_object( { |h,k| h[k] = [] }) do |path, hash|
  parent, file = path.split('/', 2)
  hash[parent] << file

#=> {"DirA"=>["FileA", "FileB"], "DirB"=>["FileC"]}
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This would do the trick:

result = files.group_by { |i| i.split("/").first }
result.each_key { |k| result[k] = result[k].map { |f| f.split("/").last } }

If you're into brevity, you can replace the second line with

result.merge!(result) { |k, v| { |f| f.split("/").last } }
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