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I tried to install zend framework 2 on Ubuntu 12.04.1 64 bit but have run into difficulties.

# sudo pyrus install zf2/Zend_Framework-beta#Standard

failed mid transaction with no other previous errors that I can recall other than warnings about timezone not being set. ( Unfortuantely my terminal history has lost the original output)

Pyrus\Installer\Exception: Installation failed
 Pyrus\AtomicFileTransaction\MultiException: ERROR: commit failed
  Pyrus\IOException: CRITICAL - unable to complete transaction, rename of actual to backup path failed
   Pyrus\AtomicFileTransaction\RuntimeException: Cannot rollback - not in a transaction

Now when I try to rerun
# sudo pyrus install -f zf2/Zend_Framework-beta#Standard
it fails with
Pyrus\Registry\Exception: Cannot retrieve package file object for package packages.zendframework.com/zend_framework, it is not installed

Uninstall just tells me that it's not installed.

I restored /usr/share/.old-php to /usr/share/php however I still get the same error.
Please help.

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You can just try to download and unzip Zend Framework 2 archive into your project's library folder.

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It looks like it's a problem with the metapackage according the Matthew. I'm having the same problem. Error Installing full framework with Pyrus

So if I installed pyrus here: "/usr/share/pear/pyrus" , then should I create a directory "/usr/share/pear/pyrus/zf2" and download and unzip the full Zend Framework in zf2 and it should work?


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I gave up on pyrus and went with composer –  SuprF1y Jan 27 '13 at 6:52
Cool. I also just went with composer. They should really add a message about it in the pyrus section or fix it. –  EricP Jan 28 '13 at 13:40

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