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I have suddenly been hit with hundreds of 404 crawl errors to pages which must have been on a previous site (though I thought I'd got them all...). It's a bit strange as I've never seen any page with index.php in it, yet all the errors start with index.php/xxxxx.

So, I want to do a:

redirect 301 index.php/ http://www.mysite.com in the .htaccess file. Can someone tell me whether this is correct, and what I have to put in the place if it is? If this is incorrect, what is the code to accomplish this? Thanks.

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You can use a the Redirect directive in the htaccess file and do a simple regular expression assuming your site doesn't use /index.php/query/parameters like some PHP frameworks do.

Redirect 301 /index.php/(.+) http://www.mysite.com
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