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so I filled a dropdown programatically like this -

optionStringToAppend = "<option id="  + searchTime + ">"+ pastResult.searchDate+ "," + purpose + "</option>"
optionId= "#" + searchTime
$(optionId).data("storedSearch", {searchPurpose: pastResult.searchPurpose, licensePlate:pastResult.licensePlate, startDate:pastResult.startDate,endDate:pastResult.endDate,longitude:pastResult.longitude,latitude:pastResult.latitude})

where, pastResult is passed in.

I then have a Backbone change event on "#searchHistoryDropDown", and I have this code

  selectedOption= $("#searchHistoryDropDownId option:selected")
  store = $(selectedOption).data("storedSearch")

I am getting an undefined in that console log, and I'm not sure why. How am I using the .data command wrong?

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What makes you think that #searchHistoryDropDownId option:selected is the <option> that you added the data to? And selectedOption is already a jQuery object, you don't need to $(selectedOption). –  mu is too short Aug 25 '12 at 5:01
If you are using backbone, and the object is already passed to the view for render; is there a reason you are not just fetching the data directly from the object when the event triggers? –  rkw Aug 25 '12 at 7:05

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