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Is there a simple way of converting an ISO8601 timestamp to a formatted NSDate?

I can't convert this NSString to an NSDate: 2010-03-06T10:06:00-05:00

To be honest, I can not decipher the Unicode docs, where they talk about generic wall time , standard/daylight time, offsets from GMT as a fallback, etc.

To show that I have made a decent effort, here is what I have as the dateformatter: yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ssZZ:ZZ"

If I strip out the timezone such that the date becomes 2010-03-06T10:06:00 then I know what to do. But how many letter "Z"s do I need, and are they upper case? Should I be removing the colon from the -05:00 ? The timezone has been my achilles heel with these conversions.

Could someone please help me out?

Thank you!

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Have a look at this ISO 8601 date formatter and see if that works for you.

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