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I am trying to retrieve the polygon coordinates for the selected building on the map. e.g. we have a building e.g.


49+Stafford+St,+Abbotsford+VIC+3067 AUSTRALIA.

in the following format

POLYGON ((144.994479667 -37.80101375, 144.9946515 -37.80103, 144.994690608 -37.800771417, 144.99451885 -37.8007547, 144.994479667 -37.80101375))

This will help me to draw the polygon and shade the selected building.

What is the best way to retreive this data from the API? Thanks

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Answering my own question: YES it is doable NO it's not free.

The approx price for this cadstral database in Australia is $40,000 per two years.

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