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I use the following code to a List of "Item" objects.

    @RequestMapping(value="/garageHome", method=RequestMethod.POST)
public ModelAndView displayFilteredItems(@ModelAttribute("command") GarageHomeViewModel model){
    //PERFORM SEARCH AND RETURN"Search submitted: " + model.getSearchFilters().getAllTypes());
    List<Item> list = itemService.findItems(model.getSearchFilters());"Num results: " + list.size());


    return new ModelAndView("/garageHome", "command", model);

And the following code to iterate through it in JSTL...

<c:forEach var="item" items="${items}" varStatus="status">
                            <c:when test="${status.count % 4 == 0 && status.count >= 4}">
                                <a href="<c:url value="/${item.getID()}" />"><img class="hotDealImages" src="${item.getImageLink()}" /></a>
                            <div class="hotDealsText">"${item.getDescr()}"</div>
                            <div class="hotDealsText">Bid</div>
                            <div class="hotDealsText">Location</div>

But nothing gets printed.

I tried the following code to print out the number of elements in the list and that prints 0.

<th>Hot Deals ${fn:length($items)}</th>

But, the line"Num results: " + list.size()); prints "2" in the console.

Why am I getting the number of elements in the list as 0 in JSTL ? and What could be wrong with my forEach loop ?

Any guidance will be highly appreciated. I am very new to Spring MVC 3.

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In your JSP you shouldn't call ${item.getDescr()} but ${item.descr}. This will call the getDescr() method on the item's class.

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That, plus the bean name "command" has to be explicitly mentioned in the forEach loop. i.e. items = "${command.items}" – Heshan Perera Aug 25 '12 at 16:34

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