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what's the difference between chunk and block in lua? I can not understand what is chunk!!!

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Has been asked and addressed here: http://lua-users.org/lists/lua-l/2012-06/threads.html#00723

From the 5.2 Manual:

The unit of execution of Lua is called a chunk. Syntactically, a chunk is simply a block: chunk ::= block

From the mouth of Roberto:

The fact that a chunk is a block does not mean that any block is a chunk. Chunks do not nest (unlike blocks). A chunk is an outermost block which you feed to "load".

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A chunk is an independently executable sequence of statements. A block is just a sequence of statements. The difference is that a chunk can be executed independently of other chunks.

All chunks are blocks (sequences of statements), but not all blocks are chunks.

A chunk is basically a Lua function; you can call it with some parameters, and it will return 0 or more values. That's what I mean by "independently executable": the statements within a chunk will be executed in order. But once you exit a chunk, what chunk you execute next is up to you.

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A block can be a chunk of code. However, a block usually means zero or more statements belonging to, for example, an if statement, or function.

A quote from the official Lua reference:

[...] A block is a list of statements; syntactically, a block is the same as a chunk [...]

If you look at the grammar of Lua, you can see that they're the same:

chunk ::= {stat [`;´]} [laststat [`;´]]

block ::= chunk
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Block is Sub part Of Chunk they could be same some times as in code example 02: for example 01:

 if condition1 then
    elseif condition2 then
    elseif condition3 then

over here we have one chunk starting from
if condition1 then to last end but this code have four blocks every condition have separate block. this example have one chunk & four blocks.

Example 02:

   /////////////////////////// 01 //////////////////////
for variable = beginning, end, step do
   /////////////////////////// 02 //////////////////////
function Name()

   /////////////////////////// 03 //////////////////////
 if condition then

in example 02 chunk & block is same but always they are not same. please read yourself.


4.4.1 - Blocks

A block is a list of statements, which are executed sequentially. Any statement can be optionally followed by a semicolon:

block := {stat sc} [ret] sc := [';']

2 - Environment and Chunks

The unit of execution of Lua is called a chunk. The syntax for chunks is:

chunk := {stat | function} [ret]

is it helpful ?????

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@booirror if it is useful then do not forget to select it as answer & up arrow. – syed Ahsan Jaffri Aug 25 '12 at 7:01
yeah,chunk consist of blocks.do you think so? – booirror Aug 25 '12 at 7:21
yeah, i think chunk consist of blocks (single or multiple) of single structure which ends normally with end. – syed Ahsan Jaffri Aug 25 '12 at 8:07
They are the same. You're linking to Lua documentation from 1997! That is more than 15 years ago. Read the reference I posted, which is from Lua 5.1 and clearly states they're practically the same thing. – Bart Kiers Aug 25 '12 at 8:10
@BartKiers Thanks for Update. – syed Ahsan Jaffri Dec 11 '13 at 7:34

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