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I've set ACL for an svn folder as follows

# file: www
# owner: aks
# group: users

but despite this, when another user does an svn up, he gets

svn: Can't open file 'www/.svn/lock': Permission denied

What am i missing

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The use of a lock file requires write access to said lock file.

Assuming that you are using the same ACL for the lock file as well (you have listed the ACL for the parent folder instead), your ACL does not allow any user except for the owner to write to that file.

From the acl(5):

The ACL_MASK entry denotes the maximum access rights that can be granted by entries of type ACL_USER, ACL_GROUP_OBJ, or ACL_GROUP.

In essence, the ACL mask affects all named user entries and all group entries - in your case that removes write access from the users group that I assume contains the user that runs svn.

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