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I've been developing tiny BlackBerry applications since OS 5.0 using the BlackBerry JDE software provided by RIM. I did not have issues using the simulator till the Java applet crashed when requesting code signatures. I had to download JDE 7.1 (the latest) in order to get my app's signed.

Now however, the 9900 (OS 7.0) simulator in BlackBerry 7.1 is running together with the MDS. I can visit websites using the simulated browser or use a simulated Twitter application. However all my applications now suddenly don't make any HTTP connection with my servers (no activity in running MDS).

As far as I know the HTTPConnection library is not an deprecated API. What could the cause of this problem be? Anybody had a similar issue after updating their JDE software from BlackBerry?

Thank you for your time

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The problem might be exactly there: HttpConnection needs different parameters appended to the URL depending on the transport type, while the newer ConnectionFactory doesn't. MDS simulator is like connecting via BES, so you'll need to append append the correct suffix:


Starting with OS 5.0, you can use ConnectionFactory and get rid of this kind of stuff.

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