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So, with Gmail adding support for 3rd party SMTP servers, and my lame work email system supporting email forwarding, the logical thing for me to do was to start a gmail box for my work, forward to it from work, and setup my work SMTP (none of that "sent on behalf of" garbage anymore.)

I figured out how to replace the Gmail logo with my company's logo using a Greasemonkey script, and figured out how to replace the "Loading" with "Loading my

What I haven't been able to crack, however, is getting the address on the top bar to be 'switched' to my new email address (even if only for show). I used a Replace text script, but apparently it doesnt work on JavaScript (when I ran it on the HTML version, it replaced the text, but who wants to replace the HTML version)

LONG STORY SHORT**: Does anyone know of a way I can, using Greasemonkey or something similar, change what email address displays on the top of my gmail window?** (next to 'Offline | Older Version | Help | Report Gmail bug | Sign OUt')

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If you own the domain at your work you can register it with google apps and then set your MX servers to google and use their gmail (with your logos) there.

If you don't own the domain, I would NOT recommend forwarding your company email to gmail. I know my company gets very grumpy when my corpoate email leaves their servers.

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Javascript for your solution:

// ==UserScript==
// @name          Gmail Replace Domain
// @author
// @namespace
// @description   example script to alert "Hello world!" on every page
// @include*
// ==/UserScript==
var your_domain = '';
var canvas_frame = document.getElementById('canvas_frame').contentWindow.document;
var user_id = canvas_frame.getElementById('guser').getElementsByTagName('b')[0];
user_id.innerHTML = user_id.innerHTML.replace('',your_domain);

As a gist.

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