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I know the method of storing the data in php. But this method doesn't work when I am storing a long array in PHP. That array has about 3000 values (82382 characters).

I am doing this:

$encoded_db_data = base64_encode(serialize($query_result));
setcookie("db_select_result", '$encoded_db_data');

but db_select_result is printing blank (no value). How can i solve this problem?

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RFC 2965 §5.3 recommends that browsers support cookies of up to 4KB; most browsers do not support any more than that. Therefore your data will not fit in a cookie (but do you really want such data to be stored in the client and transferred across the network anyway?). Perhaps you should consider using PHP's session storage, which is maintained server-side. Or, if persistence is required beyond the session and given that your question is tagged mysql, store the data in your database? –  eggyal Aug 25 '12 at 8:16

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A user agent MAY ignore a received cookie in its entirety. For example, the user agent might wish to block receiving cookies from "third-party" responses or the user agent might not wish to store cookies that exceed some size.


Consider the next options:

1.Split the array's data and put it in more than one cookie.

2.Use sessions (Unlike cookies they have "short-life") []

3.Store that data in a Database with a "unique key" , then set a cookie with that unique key so you'll be able to identify which data to pull from the database.

4.Use less data from your array and try to put it in a cookie.

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