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import Data.Dynamic


a :: Num a => a
a = 5

-- show :: Show a => a -> String
-- toDyn :: Typeable a => a -> Dynamic

main :: IO ()
-- main = print $ show a -- *** THIS LINE WORKS WELL
main = print $ toDyn a   -- *** THIS LINE LEADS TO AN AMBIGUOUS TYPE ERROR

I don't understand why the first "main" version works, and not the second. Is there someone who can help me ? Thanks in advance for your reply.

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From the Haskell report:

In situations where an ambiguous type is discovered, an ambiguous type variable, v, is defaultable if:

  • v appears only in constraints of the form C v, where C is a class, and
  • at least one of these classes is a numeric class, (that is, Num or a subclass of Num), and
  • all of these classes are defined in the Prelude or a standard library

Your example fails because unlike Show, Typeable is not one of the classes specified in the third point, so no defaulting is performed.

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