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I have virtualenv setup and it is working well accept for one annoying issue. when I use the workon command to enter an environment the environment is logs in correctly but I do not get automatically directed to the environments root directory.

I have added the following lines to my .bashrc file

export WORKON_HOME=$HOME/.virtualenvs source /usr/local/bin/virtualenvwrapper.sh

and reloaded it (source .bashrc), but when I enter an environment I am still left in my ubuntu user home directory. I have also tries restarting my server, but still no luck

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I don't think workon changes to the environment directory. The solution would is to put that in postactivate file of your virtualenv.

E.g. I have following in my <virtual_env_dir>/bin/postactivate

cd /home/myuser/work/
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Environments are separate from projects with virtualenvwrapper. You first need to ensure that the $PROJECT_HOME variable is set. Then you can use the mkproject command to create an environment and a project in `$PROJECT_HOME'. Alternatively, you can use setvirtualenvproject to associate an existing project with an existing virtual environment.

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With this solution, to switch into the virtualenv, you'd need to workon <virtualenv> && cdproject. –  Steven Maude Feb 10 at 13:59

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