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I need to loop through some content in a Sitecore solution (recursivly) and seek in all the fields in the item for references to media items. It is a Sitecore 6.5 solution, so out of the box it uses guid's to reference media items. But this is a solution that has been migrated to 6.5, so all media items references are not by guid's but a direct url to the media library.

I need to change this, so all links are referenced with the guid. Any idea on how best to do this?

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I would follow the techniques described by Alex Shyba in his publish related media items article:

To get an collection of all linked items, he uses:



Item itm = link.GetTargetItem();

Finally, you can test the links to see if they're media items using:


  Apologies for the poor formatting, i'm posting from my phone :)

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This works great - thx :) But how do i update the actual link once i found it? – brother Aug 30 '12 at 8:36

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