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The past few days I've been searching for ways to get a 'readable' date out of my calendarview from android 4.0. I can't manage to find a solution or example that suits my problem. I did get it in miliseconds but not in a date format.

My problem is: I have a calendarview and I want the selected date by the user, shown in logcat in a dateformat yy-mm-dd.

I was used to the datepicker from android 2.2 and I'm not familiar with calendarview and can't find much about it either. Does anyone know a solution for this?

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Okay so here is how to do this. When you fire your calendarview activity or a calendarview inside your activity it sets the date to the current date(meaning today). To get this current date just use the Calendar object provided by the java api to get this date example below:

Calendar date = Calendar.getInstance();
// for your date format use
SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("yy-MM-dd");
// set a string to format your current date
String curDate = sdf.format(date.getTime());
// print the date in your log cat
Log.d("CUR_DATE", curDate);

to get a date changed you must do this

CalendarView myCalendar = (CalendarView) findViewById(;


OnDateChangeListener myCalendarListener = new OnDateChangeListener(){

public void onSelectedDayChange(CalendarView view, int year, int month, int day){

   // add one because month starts at 0
   month = month + 1;
   // output to log cat **not sure how to format year to two places here**
   String newDate = year+"-"+month+"-"+day;
   Log.d("NEW_DATE", newDate);
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I was looking for the solution to convert the millisecond date to a normal readable format, and this did the trick! – LargeGlasses Jun 18 '14 at 21:45
What is myCalendarListener in this code? – Kala J Nov 4 '14 at 2:20
@KalaJ it is an OnDateChangeListener. See the api reference:… – inner_class7 Nov 4 '14 at 2:40

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