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Newbie here...

I'm working on a Spring MVC app and their JDBC api for data access. How would I go about saving data to multiple tables? The insertion needs to be such that if there's an error or something goes wrong, nothing gets inserted and rolled-back. Would this be Spring's transaction support? If so, the official documentation for transaction support is very confusing to me. Does anyone have a good source for learning how to do that?

I'm using Spring 3.1, Oracle 11g, and Tomcat 6.0

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Yes, spring supports transaction. You can use DataSourceTransactionManager to configure your bean.IF you find xml mapping confusing you can use annotation @Transactional. Spring's annotation support for transactions are really simple. Spring in Action book has examples for transaction management.

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Thanks. I'm going to give a try (the book that is). –  Robert Aug 26 '12 at 19:47

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