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Is the latest now.js 0.8 match to latest node v0.8.x? Because last time i used it there were some errors at the begining about deprecated functions which started with ev_ or ef_ i dont remember right now. Anyway is it safe to use these versions together?

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I'd guess probably not.

NowJS v0.8.x was likely developed for NodeJS v0.6.x. The last release of NowJS was in January (0.8.1) and the last commit was made in April, while NodeJS v0.8.0 was released in June.

The project also appears to have been abandoned by the original team, who are now developing its apparent successor, Bridge.

However, the underlying framework, Socket.IO, still sees active development, with 0.9.10 being released earlier this month.

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Bridge has been abandoned by its developers too, apparently. However, there is a fork of now.js that is being actively maintained (at least for now): github.com/jameskeane/knockout-now –  Anderson Green Dec 31 '12 at 5:16

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