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Im just trying to play a simple audio file. Here is the scenario, the app is started and i "prepare to play" the audio on viewdidLoad. When i go into the BACKGROUND i need to play music for a brief moment but it wont play in ambient category but AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayback works fine. I need it to be ambient category so the user can mute the sound if they want.

-(void) startRing
        OSStatus error;
        UInt32 value;

        [[AVAudioSession sharedInstance] setCategory: AVAudioSessionCategoryAmbient error: nil];
        value = kAudioSessionOverrideAudioRoute_Speaker;
        error = AudioSessionSetProperty(kAudioSessionProperty_OverrideAudioRoute, sizeof(value), &value);

        if (error) 
            NSLog(@"couldn't set kAudioSessionOverrideAudioRoute_Speaker!");
        [ringTonePlayer play];
        NSLog(@"ringing  %s",[ringTonePlayer isPlaying]?"true":"false");//this always shows false when im in the background
        self->ringing = true;

in my info plist im putting that this app uses audio in the background as a background mode. the issue is i need to START the audio while in the background but the system wont let me in ambient mode.

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link below seems to show that ambient category in the background is not possible .... but i need the mute button to work ...this is rather ridiculous of apple stackoverflow.com/questions/8763942/… – j2emanue Aug 27 '12 at 1:18

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