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There are some scripts that are executed after I run composer.

The problem is that they do things that I don't want, like php assets:install (without --symlink).

So I need to either be able to remove that, or add my own script to do php assets:install --symlink.

What would be the correct way for doing this?


In Sensio\Bundle\DistributionBundle\Composer\ScriptHandler::installAssets() I can see an option for symlink:

if ($options['symfony-assets-install'] == 'symlink') {
    $symlink = '--symlink ';

Is that configurable somewhere?

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To install assets with symlinks edit your composer.json (at the end) in this way

"extra": {
    "symfony-app-dir": "app",
    "symfony-web-dir": "web",
    "symfony-assets-install": "symlink"

Then run composer as uusal.

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Awesome! Thanks – ChocoDeveloper Aug 25 '12 at 15:14

If you use composer to deploy to production environments, you may want to set the environment variable SYMFONY_ASSETS_INSTALL to symlink instead. This way production still uses hard copies which is the recommended option.

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I had to do both SYMFONY_ASSETS_INSTALL=symlink and export SYMFONY_ASSETS_INSTALL in my .profile file to get this working. – Sam Aug 7 '14 at 9:26

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