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I have a member in my class defined like this inside my header file:

static const vector<note_name> noteMap;

In my source file I want to assign values to the vector so I tried:

const vector<note_name> AppSettings::noteMap = {...}

But I'm getting an error: Non-aggregate type 'const vector<note_name>' cannot be initialized with an initializer list. Any ideas how I could initialize this vector? Using an array is not an option btw.

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Write a function that returns a vector<note_name> with the appropriate values filled in, and use that function to initialize noteMap. That will always work; with more information about the initializers it might be possible to come up with a better solution. Or, if you have C++11, you can use an initializer list as in the example.

Or, with TR1 or Boost or C++11, change the vector to an array<note_name>. The array template supports aggregate initialization.

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