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So, I have an array

//loop here
nummobs = nummobs + 1
Mobs = {}
Mobs[nummobs] = Entity.Init(x(locations to spawn mob), y(locations to spawn mob),"testMob")

Then, call the draw method...

for i = 0, table.getn(Mobs) do

Error: map.lua:54(Mobs[i].draw() line): attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)... BUT IT HAS SOMETHING IN IT! right?

Anyone ever try something like this? Can anyone fix it?



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Lua uses 1-based indexes for arrays. Thus, the range of an array is [1, n] inclusive, where n is the number of elements.

More importantly, you can use ipairs and not have to write out the loop components:

for i, mob in ipairs(Mobs) do

Oh, and never use getn; use the # length operator instead.

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No errors, but the function draw, does not still seem to be called... made a simple print("working!"). but nothing... copied your code. –  NateAGeek Aug 25 '12 at 16:09

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