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I have ben trying this with jQuery and many other approaches.

First, I call a function:

ClientSideEvents  RowClick="function(s, e) { OnGridFocusedRowChanged(); }" 

This has worked to get me to the routine that I use to redirect to another ASPX.

(I am game to use code behind, but I have done something like this before using jQuery and the Gridview.)

   function OnGridFocusedRowChanged() {
        cell = document.getElementById('<%=ASPxGridView1.ClientID%>')
        alert(cell);  ????
        ViewName = aspxcboDashboard_IN.GetText();
        window.location.href = "Drills.aspx?ViewName=" + ViewName + "&ViewRow=test" + "&ViewCol=test"; 
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I'm not sure what part of your code fails, but if you can't fetch grid, use ClientInstanceName attribute.
E.g. set ClientInstanceName to grid1 and fetch grid as any other global variable: window.grid1, window["grid1"] or just grid1.

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