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(Preamble: if you've ever sent your agenda to plans@tripit.com or posted something to Tumblr by emailing to myprivateaddress@tumblr.com, then you've already experienced what I'm talking about.)

How can I arrange things so that mail sent to a specific address ends up being processed by my Heroku-hosted Ruby On Rails app? I'd like to configure things so that:

To: autopost@mydomain.com
Subject: Latest news
Did you hear the latest gossip?

ends up being received by my Ruby on Rails app as a POST, just as if the user had visited http://mydomain.com/autopost and filled out a form on that page.

Note: At present, GoDaddy is my SMTP server, but I could switch to another provider if needed to make this work.

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Dave: Thanks -- that was enough to get me started. Post your comment as an answer (maybe mention code.google.com/p/smtp2web) and I'll gladly give you a checkmark! –  fearless_fool Aug 25 '12 at 18:49

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I would recommend using Mailgun, which also comes as an addon on Heroku. This article will help you get started. Alternatively, there are other email services you can consider like Sendgrid, Mailjet and plenty others.

In theory, you configure ActionMailer to use the SMTP servers of Mailgun. You have a normal form (with the following fields: to, subject, text) which submits to a controller. The controller triggers ActionMailer to send the email, via something like:


More info on using ActionMailer, I suggest watching: http://railscasts.com/episodes/61-sending-email

If you just wanted to receive emails via a HTTP POST request and display them in your app, have a look at Cloudmailin, which is also a Heroku addon.

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Mailgun looks great for managing the sending of lots of e-mail -- that's not what I want. It does have a feature for receiving mail and vectoring it to your app, but as a paid service, it's probably overkill for what I'm after. –  fearless_fool Aug 26 '12 at 1:14
Have a look at my edit, about Cloudmailin –  Christian Fazzini Aug 26 '12 at 1:57
CloudMailIn looks like exactly what I'm after. Have a check. (Your added comment about ActionMailer perplexed me -- as I said in the OP, I'm not trying to send mail from my app!) –  fearless_fool Aug 28 '12 at 7:32

I'm not looking for points here. Rather, I want to highlight an answer that was slightly buried in @ChristianFazzini's answer:

CloudMailIn is a service that forwards mail via a POST method to the site / server of your choosing. It is available as a Heroku add-on. It's free for low-volume developers (under 200 messages a month).

Based on Christian's suggestion, I've been testing it and early impressions of it are strongly positive. It's easy to set up and use. Testing this kind of thing is difficult, but they've made it as easy as possible by converting your incoming message into a curl-able script which you can use in your test environment. And the support team has been very responsive to questions.

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