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Let's assume I have the following class GenericMoviePlayer which has the following Outlets:

  • PlayButton
  • PauseButton
  • DoneButton

Those IBOutlets have their corresponding IBActions:

- (void) playTouched:(id)sender;
- (void) pauseTouched:(id)sender;
- (void) doneTouched:(id)sender;

When those buttons are touched a delegate of my class is informed.

Now this is all well but imagine I now want a special type of player which should inherit from this more generic player. I will now have new Outlets, new Actions and new methods in the delegate protocol. So how can I achieve this?

Subclassing and IBOutlets go well together but I don't know how I have to design my subclass that I can "inherit" the IBActions and kind-of overwrite the delegate protocol too.

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Since the IBActions are defined in your GenericMoviePlayer header, those methods will be available to you in your SpecificMoviePlayer xib. So when you go to connect those buttons in your xib, those GenericMoviePlayer IBActions will be available to you. Technically, if your SpecificMoviePlayer needs to add functionality to your play/pause/done methods (or change that functionality completely) you an override those methods.

This is kind of a high level overview, but if you have specific examples of what you want to accomplish, I'd be happy to help you out. I think your question needs a bit more clarification on exactly what you're hoping to accomplish (other than the reuse of code).

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Thanks, have you any ideas on how to add functionality to the delegate object? – Besi Aug 25 '12 at 21:24
Are you trying to add functionality (for example) to your playTouched method? If so, you just have to include a new playTouched method in your SpecificMoviePlayer class and if you still need the functionality in your GenericMoviePlayer class to be called, use the super call. If you need a code sample of that, please let me know and I'll add one to my answer. – groomsy Aug 28 '12 at 15:28

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