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I have a MyComposite class, where I want to animate the Size change.
For that I am changing the size in a loop.
After each loopteration I call layout().

Unfortunately the Composite doesnÄt repaint after each iteration, but jumps directly to the final size of my Composite.

How can I force the Widget to redraw on every size change?

MyComposite and Animation:

new Animation().start(myComposite);


public MyComposite(Composite parent, int style, int bgcolor) {
        super(parent, style);

    public Point computeSize(int wHint, int hHint, boolean changed) {
        return super.computeSize(width, height, changed);

    class Animation{
        public void start(MyComposite composite){
            for(int i=0; i<1000; i++){
                composite.getParent().layout(true, true);


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I believe your problem is that everything is being executed on the single display thread. So what happens is your code rapidly calls width++ and .layout, then that call ends and the display thread is finally given a chance to actually perform the .layout.

I would recommend looking at java.util.Timer which runs in its own thread, then using Display.getDefault().asyncExec or .syncExec to queue these events back onto the display thread.

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The redrawing works as following:

  • layout() marks forces the repositioning of all composite-children. This will become visible on next repaint, which will be done somewhere in the future, when composite's screen-area will be redrawn
  • redraw() marks the widget an invalidated. On next redraw-system-action this area will be repainted.
  • update() forces all outstanding redraw() requests to be completed NOW.

So the problem was, that I did not trigger the repaint request to be done IMMEDIATELY. The correct animation function looks like:

//layout of the composite doesn't work
//composite.layout(true, true);

//layout of parent works
composite.getParent().layout(true, true);

//marks the composite's screen are as invalidates, which will force a 
composite.redraw(); redraw on next paint request 

//tells the application to do all outstanding paint requests immediately

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