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I would like to create a new Trello Card when a new User signs up for our webapplication.

To do that I requested a "read,write" Token (lets name it "myToken" ) for my user and I have my application key (lets name it "myKey").

Because I could not find any PHP-Wrapper I first used Fiddler to test the HTTP-Post request. Specifically I tried the following:



User-Agent: Fiddler
Host: api.trello.com
Content-Length: 177

Request Body:

However this doesnt work. I get back an HTML-Code, that shows a website which tells the user to login! What am I doing wrong?

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Try using https://api.trello.com/ (not http) –  Daniel LeCheminant Aug 25 '12 at 23:49

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Thanks @Daniel LeCheminant. I made two mistakes:

1.) I used http instead of https 2.) I put the variables in the request body. Even though it is a post request, trello expects the variables in the url itself

This solution works for me:

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