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Here is exactly what I would like to do (step by step in the order it makes sense to me)

  1. SELECT FROM table
  2. WHERE x is within +/- 6 from variable $x
  3. AND WHERE y is within +/- 6 from variable $y
  4. And hopefully have it all returned in a neatly organized array..

Is this possible? Not really looking to get it handed to me, more looking for a starting point to search.

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BETWEEN is your answer.

SELECT * FROM table WHERE x BETWEEN $x-6 AND $x+6 AND y BETWEEN $y-6 AND $y+6

Put in a mysqli_query (or use PDO) and fetch the results.

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Thank you very much, this has helped out a ton! – Alcapwn Aug 25 '12 at 21:17

you can only one where clause in one select statement

but you can you multiple comparator like

select * from table where (col1=10 and column2>25)  or col3=10

for your above query it

select * from table where (x>-6 and x<6) and  (x>-6 and x<6)
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WHERE x >= $x - 6 AND x <= $x + 6
AND y >= $y - 6 AND y <= $y + 6

Then use PHP's functions to fetch_array on the query

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