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I can display an alert box as follows: alert('Please wait 5 seconds');.

Is there a way to remove this alert box after 5 seconds if the user has not clicked "OK" by that time using JavaScript?

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No, you cannot do that.

As an alternative you could create some sort of modal window right in your UI.

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When a native JS alert dialog is fired the browser stops everytihng, until the user clicks "OK", this goes for the confirm() funciton as well.

I recommend using jQuery's UI dialog component:

Highly configuratble, modal, non modal, size, and of course for your use... timed interval. Heck you can even ad a nifty timer that counts down!

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As far as I know there is no way to do this using the browsers alert window. JavaScript cannot be executed when an alert box is "Alerting". However you could use a UI element with a close() method, as the displaying of such an element would not stop the browser from executing your JavaScript.

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The alert can not be removed, what you can do is to make a custom alert using jquery. With jquery, you can customize your alert theme and decide how its going to be removed with a simple command like fadeOut();

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