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I am creating a little game where you need to move troops on a map. To detect if a movement can be done I must verify if there is a way between 2 squares. So, recursively I start from one square and take the four squares (above, below, left and right) and following conditions I repeat the test recursively since I get only dead-ends or the destination square. All the squares must be under the control of the player.

There is my recursive code implement in my class Case :

public boolean isContiguJoueur(Case case_origine, Case case_destination, Case[] cases)  {
 boolean haut_true=false, droite_true=false, bas_true=false, gauche_true=false;
 // Above
 if(this.haut!=null)    {
  if(haut.joueur==this.joueur && this.haut!=case_origine)   {
   if(this.haut==case_destination)  {
    return true;
   haut_true=haut.isContiguJoueur(this,case_destination, cases);
 // ...
 // Same code than Above, only variables names change
 // ...
 return haut_true||droite_true||bas_true||gauche_true;
  • The class name for a square : Case
  • The map data : Case[] cases
  • The player id : joueur
  • The case above : haut

That code work very well on little map (~ 50 to 100 squares). But i got this on bigger ones :

08-25 11:26:31.912: E/AndroidRuntime(5497): FATAL EXCEPTION: main
08-25 11:26:31.912: E/AndroidRuntime(5497): java.lang.StackOverflowError
08-25 11:26:31.912: E/AndroidRuntime(5497):     at mypackage.isContiguJoueur(Case.java:xxx)
... x 100

Sorry for my bad english and thanks for future help ! :-)

Edit : I forgot. To avoid mass useless recursive tests I already did this :

if(this.droite!=null && !haut_true) {
// ...
if(this.bas!=null && !haut_true && !droite_true)    {
// ...
if(this.gauche!=null && !haut_true && !droite_true && !bas_true)    {
// ...
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@Jonathan Actually, I think [stack-overflow] would be the correct tag here. – Andrew Barber Jan 2 '13 at 18:25
@AndrewBarber, thanks, added both. I'm editing a whole load of posts mis-tagged as overflow and thought as this is java-specific I'd use the java exception type, but on reflection I agree the more general tag is at least as relevant. – Jonathan Wakely Jan 2 '13 at 18:27
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Your problem is that your paths are exponential with the number of squares on the board. The stack overflow error implies you are recursing too many times: each recursion takes up stack space, and you are running out of it (Chaque recursion utilise l'espace sur le pile, et il y'en a trop, alors il n y a plus d'espace - et c'est une dépassement de pile).

You could do this iteratively, (sans recursion) and not run into this problem. But bear in mind the number of possible paths still remains very large, and this can be CPU consuming.

Hope This Helps,


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Edit: as for your added tests for useless recursion - still not enough. These tests can be at the end of a path, by which time the stack has already "exploded". Again, iterating, rather than recursing, can work. – Technologeeks Aug 25 '12 at 22:05
So there is no other way than iteratively ? – Alicya Ambre Aug 25 '12 at 22:47
There is always the option of trying a different recursive algorithm, and/or further constrain the recursion. But I can't suggest an algorithm if I don't have more details. Increasing the stack depth will be an interim solution, but will still explode very quickly. – Technologeeks Aug 26 '12 at 3:25
The problem is my application use too much CPU that i want already. So I don't need a enormously calculus iterative method. I think I got an idea. I'm gonna work on it tomorrow and post it here. My problem is simple : how test if there is a way to one square to another? Even if the map is 300*300 squares. However thanks for the help ! :-) – Alicya Ambre Aug 26 '12 at 3:32
Je vous en prie :-) Au revoir demain matin ;-) – Technologeeks Aug 26 '12 at 3:48

I just add a boolean in my class Case and if I test this Case I set the boolean to true I don't come in later. The improvement is very important ! Before it was about n^4 (n is the number of case owned by the player) tests. Now it is about n. With my biggest map and the player owns the entire map I have no error.

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