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i use directionFinder in Google Apps Script application and I want do add some waypoints. Everything works well when i add this like this:

var directions = Maps.newDirectionFinder().setOrigin(start).setDestination(end)

but when I want do add some waypoints dynamicaly in loop like this:

 var directions = Maps.newDirectionFinder().setOrigin(start).setDestination(end)

 while (results.hasNext()) {


finally the object directions hasn't any waypoints. What I'm doing wrong? There isn't possible to add waypoints in a loop?

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I created a simple script (see bellow). It works correctly - the res contains 4 legs.

function testMapWayPoints() {
  var directions  = Maps.newDirectionFinder().setOrigin('Berlin').setDestination('Rotterdam');
  var wayPoints = ['Potsdam', 'Hanover', 'Dortmund'];
  for (var i = 0; i < wayPoints.length; i++) {
  var res = directions.getDirections();

I assume that the results.hasNext() returns false. If not then, could you create a minimum compilable example/function which is possible to copy-and-paste to the editor and which reproduces the problem.

Update 00: Additionally I wrote a deployed web app demonstrating that the addWaypoint function works. Here is the app source code.

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