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Wondering how to get Greasemonkey to work with Mousetrap (http://craig.is/killing/mice) where it will trigger a function when text is selected. It mentions in the API something about it, but I don't know how to get it to work for an entire page and not just one field.

Text fields

By default all keyboard events will not fire if you are inside of a textarea, input, or select to prevent undesirable things from happening.

If for whatever reason you want them to you can add the class mousetrap to the element.

<textarea name="message" class="mousetrap"></textarea>
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There is currently no option in Mousetrap to do this.

You could, however, achieve this through some simple JQuery. Something like this should do the trick:


I am considering making the _stop() method public in Mousetrap which would allow people to extend it to work a way other than the default.

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