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android API 8.
I'd like to show some data in a listView and in following manner:
Item 1
- Item 1.1
- Item 1.2
Item 2
- Item 2.1
- Item 2.2
- Item 2.3

So far i solved with a main ListView: each item is composed by a TextView (for items N) and a secondary ListView (inside a LinearLayout). For this list each item is a TextView (for items N.M).
I need, after the click of Item A.B, to retrieve its relative data and recall other Activity.
Now I defined the onClick(View) member inside the Activity that hosts the main ListView. This works but i don't know how to get the clicked row of the list and relative data from the View object.

Is it a good solution or does exist better?


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you remade ExpandableListView from scratch!! –  MoshErsan Aug 26 '12 at 6:45
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I think you should use ExpandableListView

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