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I understood the logic of Turing machine. When the Turing machine is given , i can understand how it is working and how it halts. But when it is asked to construct a Turing machine , it is more difficult.

Is there any easy way to find the answer of questions such as :

Construct a Turing machine a*b* 
Construct a Turing machine a*b*a* 

I want to diagram these Turing machine? Is there any method, like table filling and then diagramming it ,etc.?

I searched a lot on the web about this topic . There are only answers (only diagrams). There are no explanation how it is solved how it is diagrammed.

Thanks in advance

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I didn't know what it exactly is . After you said , i searched and learned it :)thanks – oiyio Aug 25 '12 at 22:41

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