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I'm trying to get transaction details of a PayPal account, which I was successfully in doing so, but I get this long (what i assume is an array) and I need to insert the details into a MySQL database. I've tried several foreach methods but apparently I am doing something wrong.

This is the reponse from PayPal after successful request (stored as $httpParsedResponse)

TransactionSearch Completed Successfully: Array (
    [L_TIMESTAMP0] => 2012%2d08%2d14T18%3a46%3a00Z 
    [L_TIMESTAMP1] => 2012%2d08%2d14T18%3a45%3a32Z 
    [L_TIMESTAMP2] => 2012%2d08%2d13T01%3a45%3a48Z 
    [L_TIMESTAMP3] => 2012%2d08%2d13T01%3a34%3a12Z 
    [L_TIMEZONE0] => GMT 
    [L_TIMEZONE1] => GMT 
    [L_TIMEZONE2] => GMT 
    [L_TIMEZONE3] => GMT 
    [L_TYPE0] => Payment 
    [L_TYPE1] => Payment 
    [L_TYPE2] => Payment 
    [L_TYPE3] => Transfer 
    [L_EMAIL0] => pmd_1333866_per%40yahoo%2ecom 
    [L_EMAIL1] => pmd_1333866_per%40yahoo%2ecom 
    [L_EMAIL2] => pmd_1333866_per%40yahoo%2ecom 
    [L_NAME0] => Joshua%20O 
    [L_NAME1] => Joshua%20O 
    [L_NAME2] => Joshua%20O 
    [L_NAME3] => PayPal 
    [L_TRANSACTIONID0] => 58289472YK615973G 
    [L_TRANSACTIONID1] => 4U113116FL1819900 
    [L_TRANSACTIONID2] => 2X978155KR373471P 
    [L_TRANSACTIONID3] => 3TH38971MF599302V 
    [L_STATUS0] => Completed 
    [L_STATUS1] => Completed 
    [L_STATUS2] => Completed 
    [L_STATUS3] => Completed 
    [L_AMT0] => %2d100%2e00 
    [L_AMT1] => %2d50%2e00 
    [L_AMT2] => %2d200%2e00 
    [L_AMT3] => 2000%2e00 
    [L_FEEAMT0] => 0%2e00 
    [L_FEEAMT1] => 0%2e00 
    [L_FEEAMT2] => 0%2e00 
    [L_FEEAMT3] => 0%2e00 
    [L_NETAMT0] => %2d100%2e00 
    [L_NETAMT1] => %2d50%2e00 
    [L_NETAMT2] => %2d200%2e00 
    [L_NETAMT3] => 2000%2e00 
    [TIMESTAMP] => 2012%2d08%2d25T17%3a59%3a01Z 
    [CORRELATIONID] => bf5b1a824d937 
    [ACK] => Success 
    [VERSION] => 51%2e0 
    [BUILD] => 3435050

Obviously enough I guess the array is structured as


and this continues for how ever many sets of transaction details there are for each set, ie timestamp, timezone, type, email, ect...

In this case there are 3 sets of transaction details but whatever solution needs to be able to loop through it wheither there is only 1 transaction pulled or 100.

Like I said the only goal here is to take this returned array from PayPal and insert into a MySQL database.

I hope this makes sense, any help at all would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Im sorry I had to edit my old question because im a newbie I guess - At any rate I think your code helped organize it a bit better, this is now the response I get... still confused on how to insert it into a mysql database tho...

Array ( [0] => Array ( [timestamp] => 2012%2d08%2d14T18%3a46%3a00Z 
[timezone] => GMT 
[type] => Payment 
[email] => pmd_1333866_per%40yahoo%2ecom 
[name] => Joshua%20O 
[transactionid] => 58289472YK615973G 
[status] => Completed 
[amt] => %2d100%2e00 
[feeamt] => 0%2e00 
[netamt] => %2d100%2e00 )

[1] => Array ( [timestamp] => 2012%2d08%2d14T18%3a45%3a32Z 
[timezone] => GMT 
[type] => Payment 
[email] => pmd_1333866_per%40yahoo%2ecom 
[name] => Joshua%20O 
[transactionid] => 4U113116FL1819900
[status] => Completed
[amt] => %2d50%2e00 
[feeamt] => 0%2e00 
[netamt] => %2d50%2e00 ) 

[2] => Array ( [timestamp] => 2012%2d08%2d13T01%3a45%3a48Z 
[timezone] => GMT 
[type] => Payment 
[email] => pmd_1333866_per%40yahoo%2ecom 
[name] => Joshua%20O 
[transactionid] => 2X978155KR373471P 
[status] => Completed 
[amt] => %2d200%2e00 
[feeamt] => 0%2e00 
[netamt] => %2d200%2e00 ) 

[3] => Array ( [timestamp] => 2012%2d08%2d13T01%3a34%3a12Z 
[timezone] => GMT 
[type] => Transfer 
[email] => 
[name] => PayPal 
[transactionid] => 3TH38971MF599302V 
[status] => Completed 
[amt] => 2000%2e00 
[feeamt] => 0%2e00 
[netamt] => 2000%2e00 ) )
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Maybe $httpParsedResponse is a string and not an array? Try a var_dump of it – Strae Aug 25 '12 at 23:48

Two ideas are:


where 5 is the number of values not duplicated for each transaction and 11 is the number of values for each transaction. This depends on the structure being reliable.


foreach ($response as $key=>$value){
 if ($check===false) break;

Then you can loop through the response to structure your data

for ($i=0;$i<$numOfTransactions;$i++){
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