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How do I obtain a Certificate Signing Request? All I'm trying to do is get my app running on my ipod touch. This was easy as I could just go to the IOS development portal and just download one, no muss no fuss. But now they want me to create a CSR to create a provisioning profile and I don't know how. I've been derping around in Keychain Access and the online documents for the better part of two hours and I'm still completely lost.

I'm not even sure why I need one now when I didn't before. I had a provisioning profile before I recently switched from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion, but now it won't take it. Yes, I'm still on the same computer.

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Since you made an install of a new OS you probably don't have any more your private and public key that you used to sign your app in XCode before. You need to regenerate those keys on your machine by revoking your previous certificate and ask for a new one the iOS development portal. As part of the process you will be ask to generate a Certificate Signing Request which is where you seem to have problem.

You will find all u need there which consist of (from the official doc):

1.Open Keychain Access on your Mac (located in Applications/Utilities).

2.Open Preferences and click Certificates. Make sure both Online Certificate Status Protocol and Certificate Revocation List are set to Off.

3.Choose Keychain Access > Certificate Assistant > Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authority.

Note: If you have a private key selected when you do this, the CSR won’t be accepted. Make sure no private key is selected. Enter your user email address and common name. Use the same address and name as you used to register in the iOS Developer Program. No CA Email Address is required.

4.Select the options “Saved to disk” and “Let me specify key pair information” and click Continue.

5.Specify a filename and click Save.

For the Key Size choose 2048 bits and for Algorithm choose RSA. Click Continue and the Certificate Assistant creates a CSR and saves the file to your specified location.

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Works great. Thank you very much! –  John Bowlinger Aug 26 '12 at 1:33
Thanks for the hint to disable OCSP and CRL! I thought I was going mad... –  Andreas Ley Nov 28 '12 at 16:14
This answer doesn't really say how to generate a cert signing request. It says Mac keychain does it for you. –  NoBugs Dec 9 '14 at 5:06
Great Help!! Thank you so much for sharing this –  RDC Feb 20 at 7:36
Thanks this post help me a lot –  Siddharth Mar 12 at 6:44

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