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here is my string

str = "asd;images30/127ef-30-30-wm.jpg;59 | asd;images30/127ef-30-30-wm.jpg;60 | "

and regexp is

var re = new RegExp(".*?;.*?;"+$(this).parent().attr("id")+" | ","ig");

and replace function is


i actually want to remove asd;images30/127ef-30-30-wm.jpg;59 | from string. Above Regular expression return

 | asd;images30/127ef-30-30-wm.jpg;60 | 

whereas expected is

asd;images30/127ef-30-30-wm.jpg;60 | 
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You have to replace the | in your RegExp call with \\|. This is necessary because the single backslash will be ignored (if the character afterward had been used within escape sequences, e.g., if it were an n, these two would become a newline escape sequence, but for characters not part of escape sequences, a single backslash is ignored), and the additional one will cause the single one to appear. Then it can be used in the regular expression to indicate you are escaping a literal pipe symbol and not the built-in regex "alternate" symbol.

Note that if your id from jQuery could be non-numeric, you might also need to escape this value. You can escape it with a function like this.

To hard-code an ID here (based on your example, the value was apparently 59), if you remove the double backslashes, it won't remove the first pipe:

str = "asd;images30/127ef-30-30-wm.jpg;59 | asd;images30/127ef-30-30-wm.jpg;60 | ";
var re = new RegExp(".*?;.*?;"+59+" \\| ","ig");
str = str.replace(re,'');

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i did with \\| but still not working. –  Wasim Aug 26 '12 at 0:27
i am doubtful about space before and after pipline | –  Wasim Aug 26 '12 at 0:28
it works for me...I'll post some code –  Brett Zamir Aug 26 '12 at 0:34

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