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I am a newbie to Hibernate.

I have a school project using MySQL, JDBC, JSP/Servlet, Tomcat technologies.

The way that I do the database connection in EVERY Servlet is:

  1. establish database connection in JDBC.
  2. create Query statement and execute it.
  3. close database connection.

That is very very tedious, so I want to use JPA with Hibernate to handle it.

I looked some tutorials and saw that there's a JPA Project option in Eclipse, so went ahead and used it.

Now I am confused about how to add JSP/Servlet into this project. It seems like this type project is not meant for handling any front-end technologies.

Could anyone please help me clear this out? What type of eclipse project should I use in my case?

Thanks a lot.

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You can use whatever Eclipse project templates you want, they just setup directory structure and libraries for convenience. You could start with a normal Java project if you wanted, it's just a matter of understanding what libraries/dependencies to setup. My personal preference is to use the Dynamic Web Project so it set's up my web directory structure and web.xml.

Adding JPA/Hibernate to a project consists of:

1) Mapping your classes (annotations or xml)
2) Creating the EntityManagerFactory/SessionFactory
3) Inject the Factory where you need database access

If this is your first non-trivial database application take a look at the DAO Pattern. It will help you understand how to abstract away database specific decisions (e.g. JDBC vs Hibernate vs JPA) from your application logic.

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Thank you so much! – ssgao Aug 26 '12 at 3:22

Not sure what tutorial and information you have looked at. There are good information that is available, but to start you can take a quick look some myeclipse tutorials here and the one's up here are good. Cheers.

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Thanks for the reply. I have some ideas about how JPA works, but I don't how to configure eclipse to create a project that handle both front-end and middle-layer technologies. Say I have a table called Customer. I can create an ORM with that table, but with eclipse JPA Project option. It seems like that's it. The question is where should I add Servlet/JSP to that project. It doesn't have a WebContent folder that comes with it, and I cannot add that project to a Web Server in eclipse. Should I create another Dynamic Web Project? Then how do I handle Inter-project communication? – ssgao Aug 26 '12 at 0:39

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