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I have multiple submit buttons on a site. They used to move elements up and down and I want to be them in one whole form in case of the user changes meanwhile some other values so everything is saved. The Problem now is I need the element ID of the button which was clicked.

So here is the code in the loop :

div class="form-order"><?php echo $elements[$z]['element_order']; ?> </div>
<input type="submit" name="edit_form_operation" value="&#9650;" class="button-primary" 
<?php if($elements[$z]['element_order'] == 1) echo 'disabled="disabled"'; ?> /><br />

<input type="submit" name="edit_form_operation" value="&#9660;" class="button-primary" 
$highest_element = $fdb->get_element_highest_order($form[$i]['form_id']);
if($elements[$z]['element_order'] == $highest_element) echo 'disabled="disabled"'; ?> />

And onclick of that specific button in the for loop he should write this code first so I know which element has to be moved

echo '<input type="hidden" name="change_element_id" value="'.$elements[$z]['element_id'].'" >';

I'm also open for another solution of this problem.

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I don't see any Javascript –  SLaks Aug 26 '12 at 2:06
If you need the ID of the button which was clicked, you can use mybutton.onclick=function(){this.id;}. But I don't understand very well what you are trying to do... –  Oriol Aug 26 '12 at 2:07
I think you're just asking about how to support multiple submit buttons, and know which one was clicked on. See techrepublic.com/article/… –  Barmar Aug 26 '12 at 3:36
Yes but I want to keep the value of the buttons to be the same so that they have the same name. –  mat0r Aug 26 '12 at 11:49

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Ok I solved it like that now

Here you process the input:

// Select Operation
    if(isset($_POST['edit_form_operation_up'])) {
        echo "move up id ";
        $operation = array_keys($_POST['edit_form_operation_up']);
        echo $operation['0'];
    else if(isset($_POST['edit_form_operation_down'])) {
         echo "move down id ";
         $operation = array_keys($_POST['edit_form_operation_down']);
         echo $operation['0'];

And this is in the for loop for infinite Elements the input with same value and name.

<?php $elements = $fdb->get_elements($form[$i]['form_id']); 
for($z = 0; $z < sizeof($elements); $z++) {
    <td><div class="form-order"><?php echo $elements[$z]['element_order']; ?> </div>
        <input type="submit" name="edit_form_operation_up[<?php echo $elements[$z]['element_id']; ?>]" value="&#9650;" class="button-primary" 
        <?php if($elements[$z]['element_order'] == 1) echo 'disabled="disabled"'; ?> /><br />
        <input type="submit" name="edit_form_operation_down[<?php echo $elements[$z]['element_id']; ?>]" value="&#9660;" class="button-primary" 
        $highest_element = $fdb->get_element_highest_order($form[$i]['form_id']);
        if($elements[$z]['element_order'] == $highest_element) echo 'disabled="disabled"'; ?> />
    <td><?php echo $elements[$z]['element_id']; ?> </td>
<?php } ?>

In case of somebody finds this topic and want to find a good solution.


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