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in My.Settings i've alot of variables including a 36000 records Datatable and Couple Large Array Lists, now when i call My.Settings.Save() it saves all the variables which takes alot of time and it saves variables that haven't been changed, is there a way make it Save only a Specific Datatable or ArrayList?

'but what i want for example is something like
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All of that data is being saved to a single config file, so of course its going to take a while to perform that IO operation. – NoAlias Aug 26 '12 at 11:36
is there is a way to make multiple config filses? – user1570048 Aug 26 '12 at 18:54

These settings are stored in an XML file. Since XML files do not store data in a fixed-width record format, there is no way to update a single node in an XML file without rewriting the whole thing. If it is too slow, I would recommend either:

  • Store these settings in multiple XML files, so that you only have to save the applicable file, but not the rest
  • Store the settings in the database where each row can be saved individually without rewriting the whole file

Databases store their data in fixed-width "pages" so that only the modified pages need to be rewritten, rather than the whole file.

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What about saving your dataTable not within your Settings. You could make use of DataTable.WriteXml(). this would keep your settings much smaller and you can access them separately!

' save table

' load table
Dim newTable As New DataTable

But if there is no other possibility this solution from SLaks will work too

' save table
Dim writer As New StringWriter()
My.MySettings.Default.TableXml = writer.ToString()

' load table
Dim reader As New StringReader(My.MySettings.Default.TableXml)
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